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Vino del 14 - 2014

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Vino del 14

IGT Terre Lariane rosso

The wine of 14 tell about a particolar summer, not at all hot and very rainy.

Our red grapes, selected with rigor, have produced this wine, intense in flavor and elegant in the mouth, which combines the delicacy of the Pinot Noir, the liveliness of the merlot and the spicy of Syrah.

Grapes Merlot 50%, Syrah 20%, Pinot nero 20% e Cabernet S. 10%
Cellar Fermentation in still aging in 20 hl big vats for 8 months.;
Tasting Notes The most obvious note draw, rose petal withered, currant and black cherry. The finesse of the Pinot Noir meets Merlot fruit and spicy from Syrah.

origine: Lombardia


In Lombardia Region, the production of wine in term of quantities is not the widest in italy but with a wide range of grapes variety and territories. They are a lot of diversity in the lands like collins, lakes.

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