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Casa Canevel Cuvée Rosa Extra-Dry 2016

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Canevel Spumanti

Sparkling Rosé


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Casa Canevel Cuvéee Rosa Extra-Dry

We wanted to pay tribute to some of our Marzemino grapes from the Refrontolo
vineyards with a young sparkling, enchanting pink wine.
This is a novelty for our winery, as well as the whole area of Valdobbiadene, where
until now, the vinification of red grapes into white wine has not been widely practiced.

Area of provenance Hilly area of Refrontolo near Conegliano
Grapes Exclusively Marzemino
Surface area Selection on 1,2 hectares
Altitude About 250 ms above sea level
Exposure Est
Method of cultivation Sylvoz
Density 1,700 vines per hectare
Average age of the vines About 30 years
Average yield per hectare 10,000 kg
Alcohol content 11% vol.
Residual sugars 14 gr/lt
Aspect Rose petal pink, light, lively
Aroma Notes of red fruit, fragrant and delicate
Palate Light structure and lively
Conservation away from light, in a cool environment (12-18 degrees)
Serving temperature 12 degrees
Recommended glass Goblet, or Riedel glass
Indication on wine lists Canevel La Vi in Rosa VSQ Spumante Extra Dry
Food matching A versatile wine, a good accompaniment for antipasti, pasta, rice dishes, fish, white meats and fresh cheeses
Case 6 bottles
Other sizes Magnum 1,5 LT (Case of 4 bottles)

origine: Veneto


The " Veneto" is an anthic land of anthic vinicoles traditions, that can be pride to be the first area of italy that produce DOC wines. The region of wine production is qualified as the widest variety of grappes in italy, from white to reds wines, sparkling and passiti, also for their quality of wine cellars.

Most of the part of Veneto region, thank's to its climatic and morphologic carracteristics, is an area of cultivation of famous grapes, in the collins where the clima is mixed, and the fields are very fertil, but also in the plats lands where pass a lot of rivers.

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